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Today with more than 35 years in the entertainment and music business, Salih Saka has built himself a premium career as a DJ and party designer.  At the end Consultant.

1981 His music career started in the Ronnex music store, Istanbul.
1983 Started working as a DJ in Club Lutesse.
1984-1996 Master DJ in Turkey’s Legendary Club Etiler Samdan, Buyuk Kulup Samdan, Buyukada Anadolu Club Samdan.
1992-1999 With Boto Blue, his radio career started in Number One Fm and Kiss Fm.
1996 He founded the unique and not before attempted Professional Music Resource and Production House in Turkey, S&S Music Maker. With more than 2000 VIP parties in New York, Miami, Milano, Paris, Rome, London, Tuscany, St.Tropez, St. Moritz, Santorini, Mykonos, Leros, Baku, Dubai and of course Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bodrum, Cesme, Bursa, Adana he broadened his fans & his target audience.

1996-1997 Managing Music Director of Energy 102 Fm.
1998 Established his own radio station: 97.5 Radio Play. At the same time he was the music director of NYX Club, Buddha Bar Paris and Club Havana.
1999-2000 He created the famous “Saturday Parties” in Emporio Armani Caffé.
2001-2004 He joined Ulus 29 owned by Metin Fadillioglu as a manager partner and with a creative twist he built the now famous Club 29 out of an unused corner of the restaurant.
2002-2003 He launched the first two Club Compilation Albums in Turkey with Sony Music: “Club 29 by Salih Saka”, “Ulus 29 By Salih Saka’’.
2004 Established a subsidiary firm: ‘’Dream Maker’’. This establishment which organizes turn key parties worldwide, brought new life into the entertainment market. Same year, ‘’&Club Party Vol. One’’ compilation album was released.
2005 Launched the album ‘’Ceremonies and Parties’’ which includes songs especially selected for special event parties.
2005-2006 Radio programme, “Saturday Night Fever with Salih Saka” at Lounge Fm 102.0

2007 Launched the mystical “Istanbul Lounge by Salih Saka” compilation album, redefinening the soul of city of Istanbul.
2008 His first studio album Turkish Session - ‘’Törkiş Seşın" and his Online Web Radio ‘’Radio Sasa’’ is launched: The same year, his new firm ‘’Event Horizon’’ in Dubai, extending the entertainment experience to the Middle East is set up.
2009 ‘’Istanbul Lounge 2 by Salih Saka’’ and his first dance music compilation album ‘’Salih Saka in the House-Latin&Tribal House Session’’ is released. The both Istanbul Lounge compilation albums have been a great success. Today they are still the best sold CD’s in their category.
2010 ‘’Gourmet De La Musique par chef Salih Saka’’ is launched.
‘’7800 Cesme Beach Club by Salih Saka’’ the dance album especially compiled for 7800 Cesme Residences&Hotel is released.

2011 ''Gourmet de la Musique par chef Salih Saka Vol 2'' is Launched.

2012 ''Gourmet de la Musique par chef Salih Saka Vol 3'', Istanbul Lounge Vol 3 and 7800 Cesme Beach Club by Salih Saka is Launched.

2013 ''CavoTagoo Mykonos by Salih Saka the album especially compiled for Mykonos Best Hotel CavoTagoo.

2014 Sunset BAR, Managing Partner, Creating partner new Consept and Desing.


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